• Web Hosting

    Affordable Hosting Packages. Our Hosting Packages are tailored for real world usage. We don't promise everything for very little. Nor do we nickel or dime our customers with add on's etc.. What you see is what you get for the price.

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  • Site Design

    Professional & Affordable Web Site Design. We have been designing web sites for 14 years and if you are a small business looking for an affordable quality design. We can help build and market your web site.

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  • Site Maintenance

    Affordable Retainers & Quick Turn around. If your in a position where you have a web site but are in need for someone to manage the content for you on a regular basis, look no further. We assist many clients by updating content for a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone in-house etc..

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  • Quality Customer Service

    Being a small business, we pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service. You are our life blood. We work very diligently to answer your questions, solve your problems in a timely and professional manner. We are local and based in Mesa Arizona... you will not be sent to an entry level tech when you need service.

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Contact Us

To order services, simply call us and we will handle the transaction directly over the phone. Phone Orders are accepted 24/7 and we check our email after standard business hours for sales & support related questions or issues.

We no longer offer online sign up's, due to the few bad apples that attempt to defraud others or setup phishing / spam sites. As convenient as electronic account setups are these days, we do the extra work to help ensure the rest of our client base is not impacted by a fraudulent / deceptive site that signs up. Rest assured you can call us and we will take care of the sign up or request in a timely manner.

Arizona Web Hosting Services Policy & Agreement:
It is our goal to provide and promote a business and or family atmosphere with our service. Our reputation is very important to us and we don't want a few bad apples to ruin it for the rest of us, so we have imposed these policies and rules listed below.

We will not host the following types of sites:
1. Any infringement of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other intellectual property right;
2. Nudity or pornography; or sexually suggestive material deemed unsuitable for children.
3. Content that exploits children under 18 years of age;
4. Hate propaganda;
5. Racist, threatening, or otherwise abusive content; including offensive language / material.
6. Content promoted through the sending of unsolicited email (also known as spamming);
7. Sending of unsolicited email (spam) from the Arizona Web Services server, or any other server that refers to content on the Arizona Web Services server, or sending such email with a Arizona Web Services-hosted web site listed as the contact address;
8. Mail fraud, multi-level marketing (pyramid) schemes or other fraudulent activities;
9. The promotion or incitement of, or instruction for, the commission of illegal activities;
10. Information or other material that contains a virus, corrupted data or other harmful or damaging component.

• We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR SPAM. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CHEAP SERVER TO SPAM YOUR WARES....LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. We will shut down your site immediately, if you are using your domain address on our server to spam others. (Note: For those of you not familiar with spam...spam is the electronic means of junk mail and telemarketing sent to people via email. We will not tolerate individuals or companies who use their domain hosted on our servers to do this.)
• Any kind of miss-use, abuse or attempt  to hack into our server will be immediate cause to shut down your service. And furthermore, any criminal attacks will be turned over to the FBI for review and investigation.
• Accounts that are over due by more than 30 days will receive a late notice. After 45 days; a late fee will be issued. After 60 days; of delinquency the site will be automatically suspended and after 90 days will be deleted from the server.

Please forgive us if this seems a little harsh or strict. We have setup these rules and policies for our protection and yours. If you have any further questions regarding our rules or policies, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: 602-739-0846
SalSPAMes@arizonawebse REMOVETHISrvices.com